Corn plant indoor

Corn plant indoor

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Also known as a Corn Plant, the popular Happy Plant promises what its name suggests. Happy Plants are one of the best indoor plants because they are so easy to care for and do an amazing job in improving air quality. With its thick woody stems and long leaves, this plant looks more like a tree than the average houseplant. A great way to breathe life into your home or office! Happy Plants need moderate to bright indirect light indoors.

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Dracaena Fragrans Care Guide (Corn Plant)

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All types of Draceana are container friendly. This unique corn plant is a great choice for those who want an easy to grow plant that prefers regular watering and full sun to partial shade. The corn plants foliage is filled with distinct green and yellow stripes throughout each cane stem that they are grown from. Though it does have white blooms, they are quite rare in any indoor environment and happen only occasionally in its native habitat.

Matthew verified owner — October 22,Great plant! Thank you for a wonderful experience! Alexandra M. I am very happy with my purchase, I will definitely order something else! The plant came in wonderful condition, very beautiful and healthy! Michael Thomason verified owner — September 6,Cathy Russell verified owner — August 28,This one is doing well now but I had to add more dirt and baby it a little to get it to stray straight up.

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Thank you! Nicholas C. Anonymous verified owner — December 22,Sherry verified owner — December 17,A beautiful plant—exactly as pictured prior to shipment. Only one leaf lost through shipping—amazing given the transit distance. My daughter was thrilled with her plant and asked me where I got it from so she could recommend to her friends. Kudos to you on your customer service too for helping me with my inquiries. Thank you!!

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Corn Cane plants can give you some breathing room

Posted by Goi Lita Jul 3, Plants 0. The corn plant Dracaena Massangeana is one of the most effective air-cleaning plants you can have in the home. But how tall do corn plants get, how do you encourage them to grow and how do you manage them when they start getting a bit too tall for their space? This article is all about corn plant size, how to encourage them to grow and how to manage them when they start outgrowing your home. Yes, your corn plant will get taller. In nature, these plants can reach 50 feet in height, and corn plants grown in the home can reach over 7 feet tall. As these plants get bigger, their leaves get really long and wide and their stems grow very thick.

Corn Plants (Dracaena fragrans) are beautiful striped indoor plants that produce fragrant white flower stalks.

Corn Plant

Gardening Help Search. Easily grown in St. Louis in containers as an indoor foliage plant where it typically thrives in organically rich, consistently moist, well-drained soils in part shade. Use a loamy, peaty, well-drained potting soil. Corn plant is best sited in bright indirect light locations protected from significant periods of direct sun and drafts. Tolerates some low light. Containers may be placed on beds of wet pebbles with regular misting of plant leaves in order to increase humidity.

Care of Indoor Corn Plant (Draceana fragrans)

It has a number of common names including the corn plant. Widely grown as an indoor plant, the plant is also said to be a good air purifier, it helps remove ra range of common indoor air pollutants including trichloroethylene, and benzene amongst other toxins. With luxuriant foliage, a glossy green with strong contrasting yellow to green variegation running down the centre of each leaf, it certainly lives up to its name. In warmer climates it is suited to growing outdoors in a shaded position.

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Corn Plant Care Guide: How to Care for Dracaena Fragrans

Dracaena Fragrans is a popular indoor plant. It gets its name from its leaves, which resemble the corn stalks of the Zea mays a. Dracaena plants are easy to grow and resilient. Strongly scented flowers, occasionally produced on a plant grown in its native habitat, gave the plant its name. Fragrant Dracaena is native to tropical East Africa, where it grows in humid, tropical forests. It is completely green and its foliage has an olive-green hue.

Dracaena massangeana

With a look and shape that recalls a tropical palm tree, the Corn Plant, also known as Dracaena fragrans or a Mass Cane Plant, is a favorite for adding a beachy, island ambiance to any home. The Corn Plant is also known for requiring minimal care and tolerating low light, making it a popular choice for adding greenery to home or office. While its leaves may resemble corn leaves, hence the name, the graceful, airy way they adorn their canes does add a clean, breezy tropical feel to any interior spaces. When a Corn Plant begins to look more brown and droopy than tropical green and perky, it is telling you that it is not happy, and it is up to you to restore the balance it seeks. Find out how to rescue a drooping Yucca plant here….

The Corn plant is a widely kept ornamental houseplant since the mids is one of the challenges of growing Dracaena plants indoors.

A Handy Guide on Taking Care of Corn Plants

Hours: Monday 7am - 6pm, Tuesday 7am - 6pm, Wednesday 7am - 6pm, Thursday 7am - 8pm, Friday 7am - 8pm, Saturday 7am - 8pm, Sunday 7am - 6pm.When you want to add some more plants to your indoor collection you will want to consider the easy to grow Dracaena Plant. This plant stays green all year long and its long leaves resemble corn. There are more than 40 varieties, and the Corn Plant Dracaena Fragrans is one of them.

Cane Plants

Formaldehyde and gardening are not usually put together in the same sentence, but there is good reason they very much go together. Formaldehyde is a flammable, colorless chemical used in everything from permanent-press clothing and hair spray to mouthwash to plywood. Even though formaldehyde occurs naturally, and is even produced in tiny amounts by almost all living organisms, it is indeed toxic. According to the National Cancer Institute, formaldehyde in the indoor air can cause symptoms ranging from watery eyes to coughing and nausea. Nature to the rescue with a seemingly innocuous, easy-to-grow plant that actually removes formaldehyde from the air, the Corn Cane Dracaena massangeana. Corn Cane is also one of the best plants for removing indoor ammonia, xylene and toluene.

Bring the great outdoors indoors by sprucing up your home with the stately corn plant dracaena. The upright stature of this tropical beauty paired with luscious foliage has made it a favorite among homeowners and interior designers alike.

The Corn Plant or Dracaena fragrans is a tropical plant with waxy green foliage. Easy to look after, they will bring a splash of tropical colour into your home. Diameter is the nursery pot diameter, so to get a pot that fits, the pot diameter should be bigger. Choose your delivery day during checkout, and we'll give you a 2-hour delivery window on the morning of your delivery. We offer 14 day returns for living products, 30 day returns for most other items and 3 day returns for Christmas Trees. Keep me somewhere warm and humid and in a bright spot, but out of direct afternoon sunshine. When my top few cms of soil has dried out water me thoroughly until water drains from the holes at the bottom.

Referred to as Corn Plant by some people, a few of the Dracaena plants do resemble corn. The Dracaena Fragrans and Janet Craig look the most like corn plants. Plant care is very similar for most of the Dracaena plants. That includes Massangeana, Warneckii and the graceful Marginata.

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