Full indoor plants

Full indoor plants

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Full indoor plants can be placed in the space right up until the last minute, as a decoration to liven up your entryway or living area. An easy way to look at this is that you can treat them like a plant!

I used the above picture as inspiration for the below.

The plants are placed right up until the first day of the event. They were done to create a certain mood throughout the house. You can also bring a special element or mood into the house with indoor plants, as an event decor!

For example:

a) You could have a plant for a certain season. For example in the Spring, bring in a Spring themed plant.

b) Maybe have one for Fall, Halloween, or Christmas.

c) You can have a plant for the new year!

d) You can have one for the Holidays.

For a house full of girls, I wanted to have a Spring themed event. We were going to have girls over and decorate all together and play in the pool. I wanted to create a certain mood for them with the decoration, and plants were a very easy way to do this. The planters/pots are from Michael’s, they were $7 for the 1 gallon ones, but that’s not a problem, since they are so sturdy and you can use them for so much more!

I like to use fake flowers for the event. I really do enjoy it. I bought about 12 fake flowers, and put them in a vase with some water, and they lasted for a few days! They are really easy to use, and they are so versatile. They look like they cost a lot more than $5, but with how many flowers you can get for the price, you are not going to break the bank.

So just because you want to have an event does not mean you need to spend a lot of money. This was a great first time event for my daughter, and something I can do from time to time. The plants were around $10, and the food was probably around $20, and the fake flowers were around $10 for the whole amount. So for around $50-$60, you can have a house full of girls and a fun day.

This is just a way to enjoy the girls together without stressing about the whole day. So make sure to let me know what you guys think about the event, and any other ideas for events. This is just my first event, but I hope it works out well for the next one. Have fun!

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