Ancient garden planter

Ancient garden planter

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I t's that time of the year when it's no longer dark when you wake up, it's warm enough to go for a walk on a Sunday morning, and you've resolved to plant something in your garden. And this year you really are going to do it. But if, like me, you only have a small outdoor area - in my case a roof terrace - then you need something to grow your plants in. And if you have been to your local garden centre or DIY store of late, then you will know that most containers don't come cheap. And, to be honest, most of them are pretty ugly as well. So why not get creative?

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Our Best Selling Pots

The history of plant containers is not something many people ponder when they have a few minutes to spare. As it turns out, the Egyptians were the first civilization to use plant containers outdoors as a secure method of moving plants from one growing environment to another.

Similar containers were used in the s to safely bring precious seedlings from Tahiti to the West Indies and even geraniums to North American from Africa, where they are descended from. The dawn of the houseplant is often credited to the Victoria era. American potteries were producing ornate ceramic flowerpots in the 18 th century, and as much of society embraced gardening and horticulture as an acceptable pastime, production greatly increased.

But the flowerpots used by the ancient Egyptians, and later on by the Romans, were not made from ceramic, but terra cotta, based on the obvious availability of clay material, and are today referred to as early civilizations version of plastic — based on the materials numerous applications. Terra cotta was a useful material for planting in warm, dry climates. The composition allowed air and water to move freely through the walls and they were ideal for plants that crave a dryer soil. But in areas which experienced a more varied climate, terra cotta often cracked during temperature fluctuations and were incredibly heavy to move — especially with soil inside the cavity.

For centuries, the only plant containers available were clay, terra cotta pots, or something crafted out of wood — both materials being readily available and plentiful.

But with the dawn of the 20 th century, the advent of plastics came along revolutionizing everything from toys, to car parts, to kitchen gadgets to yes, flowerpots. The materials and styles may certainly have changed, but the utility of the flowerpot remains unaltered.

The HC Companies offers a wide variety of wholesale greenhouse, nursery, consumer and cannabis containers. Find the one that's right for your business and request a sample today! Distributor Login. HC's Blog Information and Inspiration. Plant Containers have a History which Stretches Back to the Egyptians Posted on: May 6th, The history of plant containers is not something many people ponder when they have a few minutes to spare.

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Antique and Vintage Planters, Urns & Troughs

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Here are some other ideas for transforming an old, unused fountain into a focal part of your garden, filled with container plants.

From Plant Pots to Ancient Armies, Terracotta Is Universal

Today, planters are as at home with boxwood topiaries in a formal garden as they are with agaves and native grasses in a cactus garden. With endless planting possibilities, planters provide a place to experiment with color and texture in the garden. Transform them with new plantings each season or move them around to completely reinvent your outdoor space. Use them as a focal point on a terrace, to add ornament to a shade garden, or to create height in a parterre.They are also useful in small spaces, like apartment gardens, and for growing herbs in a kitchen garden. Any outdoor space can benefit from a planter overflowing with colorful flowers and trailing vines! Happy planting! A riotous mix of colorful flowers--pink, orange and chartreuse--would shine in this blue and white ceramic planter from Williams-Sonoma that is inspired by Chinese pots. Transport yourself to the gardens of Provence by anchoring your terrace with a pair of glazed terracotta urns by Authentic Provence. Made of cast resin, this planter by Pennoyer Newman brings the look of woven wicker grapevine baskets to your parterre garden.

Vintage and Antique Decorative Garden Reclamation

From bedding plants to mature trees, we've got everything for your garden. Our home delivery service is a great option for those that are buying larger plants, or those that simply want the convenience. We are proud stockists of Kettler furniture, an amazing quality and supremely comfortable addition to any garden. Nestled in the beautiful location of Lower Cwmtwrch, near Ystradgynlais in the Swansea Valley, we are a family-owned plant nursery and garden centre specialising in everything you need for your garden. We now stock one of the widest ranges of plants, trees, shrubs and hedging in South Wales.

Atlantis pots give your garden a touch of the ancient world.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Plant Containers

Make a donation. Create a miniature alpine landscape with year-round interest. Planting into sinks and troughs raised off ground level lets you admire these often brightly coloured jewels close at hand. Planting alpines and rock plants into sinks and troughs is a perfect way to provide the well-drained soil conditions and open sunny position they need to thrive. You have the opportunity to enjoy flower and foliage throughout the year. Choose a sunny, open spot, away from the drip of trees.

Horticulture and the Roman Shaping of Nature

We endeavour to list all the faults but a beautiful vintage galvanised tub with rivited side seams. Discolouration and surface pitting to inner. Plant holder, 4ft x 9 inches came from a clifton shop.. Perfect condition. You won't find this anywhere else. Price negotiable.

Old world hand-pressed blue and white floral ceramic pot, 2 prints available. $ · Old World.

Atlantis U Planter

This advert is located in and around Harefield, Middlesex. Plant holder, an unusual antique pottery toilet pan Rare item with various holes for effective trailing plants. This advert is located in and around Whitstable, Kent.

Robot or human?

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These creative ideas for plant containers come from home gardens. Discover ways to make unique planters with inexpensive and recycled garden pots and some wonderful plants. Want something with wheels or whiskey barrels? See 22 Creative Wagon Planter Ideas here.

Eye of the Day will be closing at noon on Thu, Dec 23 rd and will be closed until Jan 3 rd. Situated conveniently next to the freeway in Carpinteria, California, Eye of the Day offers a large selection of pottery, planters, fountains, statuary, and garden design accessories.

The Brief History of Container Gardening

The ideal time to do this is between February and May. Doing so will improve the compost structure and provide a fresh supply of nutrients, which can be lost quickly in pots and containers. Gently loosen the compost from among the surface roots with a hand fork, working right out to the edge of the pot. Then remove as much old compost as possible. Top it back up with a mix of loam-based potting compost and organic-based multi-purpose compost. Firm down as you go and avoid air pockets among the roots.

Can You Reuse Potting Soil

Become a better gardener! Discover our new Almanac Garden Planner features forHow do you put your garden to bed for winter? See 10 tips for how to winterize your garden beds—from covering garden soil to protecting trees and shrubs.

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