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  • What is the Difference Between a Landscape Architect and a Landscape Designer?
  • Career profile - Garden Designer
  • What Is a Landscape Architect vs. Landscape Designer
  • Guide to Landscape Design
  • A simple definition of landscape architecture
  • Average Landscape Designer Salary
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What is the Difference Between a Landscape Architect and a Landscape Designer?

There are several career options within the area of landscape creation and planning. Two of these positions include becoming a landscape architect or a landscape designer.

Understanding the difference between these two careers can provide you with better information to decide if either is right for you. In this article, we discuss the crucial differences between a landscape architect vs.

There are several crucial differences between landscape architects and landscape designers, including :. A landscape designer typically focuses on smaller landscape projects, such as private residential properties and small commercial locations. A landscape architect works on large-scale landscape projects, such as city parks, large commercial and residential complexes, and other service buildings like hospitals and libraries. Because there is more potential environmental and social impact from these projects, a landscape architect is better equipped to handle land use evaluations and economic impact studies.

The project focus of a landscape architect is both hardscape and softscape. A hardscape is anything within an environment that is constructed by hard materials. For a landscape architect, this includes walls, pathways, and other constructed buildings or structures.

Softscape is all the distinct elements of plants, trees, bushes, soil, and grasses. A landscape architect may also include waterscapes into their designs, including ponds, waterfalls, fountains, and other water features.

A landscape architect's project focus is to combine all elements into a plan that meets the needs of the community or urban centre they are working for. The project focus of a landscape designer is typically more on the softscape elements. Because their job scope is residential and smaller landscape designs, they focus on natural features already available in the environment. For example, they may focus on local and indigenous plants, grasses, flowers, and trees. They can still design and construct hardscape features, but they are on a much smaller scale and rarely require environmental impact studies or have ecological concerns when being built on private land.

A landscape architect has several specific skills that assist them in their career, including:. A landscape architect needs excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Because their landscaping projects often involve government or regional officials, community organizations, and other public groups, a landscape architect needs to feel comfortable communicating with a wide range of people. They need to be discreet, respectful, and able to understand community concerns and issues. Because of the scope of their work, a landscape architect needs a strong interest in engineering and environmental science. When designing playgrounds, public parks, and other large landscaping projects, they need to balance aesthetic design with practicality and respect for the preexisting environment.

A landscape architect needs to be interested in nature and life sciences, and understand the conditions required for plants and wildlife to flourish. A landscape architect needs exceptional leadership skills, negotiation and persuasion skills, and project management abilities. Often working as the head of the project, a landscape architect needs to navigate building and construction codes and regulations, encourage public support of landscaping projects, and negotiate terms with contractors and construction companies.

A landscape designer has several specific skills that assist them in their career, including:. Because a landscape designer works for private homes or small business owners, they need to be exceptional listeners.

They need to understand the needs and desires of their clients and bring their ideas to life in a landscape design.Asking crucial questions to clarify understanding and performing a thorough needs analysis allows a landscape designer to create a landscape design that includes all of their client's requested elements.

Often, a landscape designer works with what is currently available in the environment. This requires creativity and imagination to see the potential possibilities in a yard or outdoor space. Creating various drawings and sketches requires artistic skills and attention to detail. Finding unique ways to incorporate native plant life into a design and provide a beautiful landscape within the client's budget also requires creative thinking and imagination.

A landscape designer often has labourers and assistants helping them with the actual creation of the landscape. Once they have completed the drawings and the client has approved the work, a landscape architect works with other landscape professionals to meet the labour-intense creation process. When supervising others, they need to ensure that everyone is working towards the common goal and plan, according to the drawings and sketches.

A landscape architect manages the scheduling of labour, subcontractors, and other service providers. They need to stay on budget and manage any disputes on the job site. Related: 12 Skills for Effective Supervisors. The work setting for a landscape architect is mainly in an office environment.

While they may go into the field to complete environmental evaluations and urban assessments, a landscape architect completes most of their duties at a computer or drawing table.

If they are overseeing the work of landscape and construction contractors, they may be on-site more often. A landscape designer usually works outside, in the elements, to complete landscaping projects and other landscaping professionals.

Their work is more hands-on than the landscape architect. The average salaries for both careers vary based on location, company, skills, experience, and qualifications, and the earning potential is usually higher for a landscape architect than a landscape designer:. Landscape architects can make considerably higher salaries than the national average in many large urban centres.

The Government of Canada predicts the job market for landscape architects to stay strong for the next ten years, with more jobs available than qualified job seekers. Landscape designers can make considerably higher salaries in many large urban centres than the national average. The Government of Canada also predicts the job market for landscape designers to stay strong for the next ten years, with more jobs available than qualified job seekers.

There are two very distinct educational paths for each career:. A landscape architect completes the minimum of a bachelor's degree program in environmental design and obtains a master's degree in landscape architecture. The bachelor's degree program is a four-year process, followed by an additional two years to complete the master's program. During this time, a student learns all aspects of environmental and ecological design, construction, urban planning, and sustainable project management.

A landscape designer completes 32 weeks of technical training over four years. Throughout the four years of study, a landscape designer works as an apprentice, directly under the guidance of a journeyperson. They need 1, hours of on-the-job training to qualify for the final journeyperson exam. Once a landscape designer completes the technical training, required apprenticeship hours, and passes the final exam, they become a journeyperson landscape designer and are free to practice independently.

Similar to the academic requirements of each career, the certification or licensing process is also considerably different:. For landscape architects to practice their profession, the province requires that they become members of their provincial or territorial professional association.

Each province governs the practice of landscape architecture and needs members to be in good standing and take part in ongoing professional development. To sign and stamp any architectural drawing, a landscape architect needs to be a member. Each provincial association's requirements differ, with a recognized academic background being consistent across the country.

Once a landscape designer has completed the 32 weeks of technical training and 1, hours of supervised work, they can take the final journeyperson exam. Upon passing the journeyperson exam, they receive the title of Journeyperson and receive a registration number within their province of residence.

If they wish for their credentials to be recognized Canada-wide, they can take an interprovincial exam. Upon completion, they then receive an additional registration and acknowledgement of a Red Seal Journeyperson.

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Career profile - Garden Designer

Definition of landscape gardener noun from the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. Find the answers with Practical English Usage online, your indispensable guide to problems in English. Join our community to access the latest language learning and assessment tips from Oxford University Press! Find out which words work together and produce more natural sounding English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app. Toggle navigation.

“Ecology” in the profession of landscape architecture and planning can't be understood solely as meaning the relationship between nonhuman life forms and.

What Is a Landscape Architect vs. Landscape Designer

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Guide to Landscape Design

Jump to navigation. Ethan Carr Program Director. MLA handbook Admission. Established in , our Landscape Architecture Program is the second oldest in the country and is fully accredited through the Landscape Architectural Accreditation Board.

These example sentences are selected automatically from various online news sources to reflect current usage of the word 'landscape architect.

A simple definition of landscape architecture

Account balance must be current. A signed copy of the Food Booth and Vendor Requirements and Regulations Form shall be posted in the structure and signed by the vendor. Landscape professional means a licensed landscape architect , licensed landscape contractor , or any other person authorized to design a landscape pursuant to SectionsSample 1. Sample 2. Sample 3.

Average Landscape Designer Salary

Log In. Appendix A Garden Journaling. Appendix F History of Landscape Design. Appendix G Permaculture. Landscape design is both an art and a purposeful process. It is the conscious arrangement of outdoor space to maximize human enjoyment while minimizing the costs and negative environmental impacts.

Landscape architecture encompasses both the creation of new landscapes and the management and conservation of natural and heritage landscapes, at a variety of.

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Space Landscape Designs is an innovative, award winning landscape design company based in Sydney. Our landscape architects take great pride in the landscape design services we offer and believe we deliver residential design projects that home owners can be proud of. We have a particular affinity with swimming pool design. The landscape plans our landscape architect creates are based on understanding the physical characteristics of the site, clients brief and budget.

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Let's face it. Planning your extensive landscape remodel can be intimidating. At Alderwood, we understand that, which is why we have a team ready to help you put the pieces of your project together. However, you might not be sure whether your project needs a professional architect or a landscape designer.

Landscape design is the art of developing a property for its greatest use and enjoyment. Effective landscape design is also a science because it involves understanding the environment around your home and selecting plants that perform well in that environment.

Landscape architects analyze, plan, design, manage, and nurture the built and natural environments. They have a significant impact on the quality of life in communities, creating public spaces and parks as well as active transportation routes. They also shape the health of ecological services by creating, conserving, and restoring wildlife habitats and fluvial systems. Some landscape architects choose to focus on residential design, though most of the work is at a much larger scale than a home yard. Landscape architects design city parks, like Central Park of NYC, restore habitats, design urban malls and plazas, and much more! Landscape architects are designers, not gardeners. Site analysis and construction supervision takes landscape architects out into the field but they do not personally install and care for projects.

Discover landscape architecture, the design profession that combines art and science to create places and spaces for people.The work of landscape architects includes the creation of new landscapes - urban, rural, residential or public - and the management and conservation of natural and heritage landscapes. They have a passion for the landscape, both for its care, and its enhancement by design.


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