In the garden of thy heart plant naught but love

In the garden of thy heart plant naught but love

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With another 5 new children attending, we still had quite a small group and kept the two older classes together. Thank you everyone! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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In The Garden Of Thy Heart Plant Naught But Love Mug

Students of class 7th E involved in primary moral teaching for class 1 and class 2. They enjoyed the project by teaching songs, prayers, stories.

This ability to sacrifice, to be generous and think of the well-being of another, is a reflection of the strength of the human spirit.

The film shows universal themes of love and sacrifice, hope and despair that remind us of our common humanity. It is wonderful to see how the film inspires courage for change in people everywhere, living in very different circumstances and try to make a choice. A: What are some signs of God in nature? Stone Painting: Find a rock, Paint a rock, Hide a rock is the next step of service project on stone which we had been initiated since July.

Junior Youth Empowerment programme is spreading acts of kindness through this service project. The purpose of this group is to paint a rock and hide a rock as random acts of kindness to create consciousness about environment. After having several conversations related to environmental issues the animators decided to start a service project and encourage junior youth to bring a rock and spread love and kindness to the mother earth.

After painting the stones, students and animators hide stones in Janeshwer Mishra Park, invite others to search and share the pictures with the same stones along the message written on it. Aluminum foil: Another service project animators have been doing is finding out the effect of aluminum foil to our environment. Animators of class 9 and 10 started to do a research and ask all junior youth of class 6, 7 and 8 to find out how many students are using aluminum foil every day to pack their food and it was found out thatTo form new team of Animators among class 8 students we had some activities with all of the students of class 8 and prepared them for the programme.

So, we showed them Tedx talks in order to help them how to give the speech and improve the power of expression. We have also asked them to write an essay on" What is the role of Junior Youth for transformation of our society.

The participants of this group are junior youth between the ages of 12 andThe role of an Animator is to assist the junior youth in developing their capacities, encouraging them to contribute to the betterment of society as well as encouraging them to question the world around them. Most importantly, an Animator must strive to become a true friend to the junior youth.

It is" Animators Training" for class 9th students and they were practicing and learning " Breezes of confirmation " Junior youth groups can make a significant difference in communities, neighborhoods, villages and even the world at large!

When junior youth become spiritually empowered, they take on tremendous amounts of responsibility to contribute to the betterment of society. A junior youth group has the potential to change their surroundings through the service projects that they do, keeping in mind that change is most sustainable when their efforts are consistent.

Where the junior youths share and discuss their thoughts on how to help make the society they live to be a better place. While discussing about the starting a service project the junior youth realized that dengue fever is one of the most dangerous virus which is widely spreading in the neighborhood and the junior youth plan to create awareness of how to prevent ourselves from these harmful disease.

Home Beyond the Classroom. Activities of Junior Youth Empowerment Programme. So they used different objects to play the music and sing the song, they enjoyed it a lot. Junior youth prepared the program about the importance of the virtues in our individual life and after that they had Yarn activity. We also had Warli Art on the concepts of the movie.B: How does thinking about nature make us feel humble?

What is the purpose of this group? Project on using paper bags instead of plastic bag 4. Making cards on encouraging people to save environment 5. Creative story writing Animators of class 11th and 9th from Gomti Nagar II and Cambridge section prepared their programme for International Interfaith. Since one of the purposes of JYEP is improving the power of expression so we prepared some questions for class 6th which helped them to improve their language, for example when they make sentences they think and write and express their thought.

We had reflection meetings with all animators once in a week. Animators Training The participants of this group are junior youth between the ages of 12 and

高速配送 シマノ 20 ヴァンフォード 2500S /スピニングリール 工場直送

The views expressed in our content reflect individual perspectives and do not represent the official views of the Baha'i Faith. In the garden of thy heart plant naught but the rose of love, and from the nightingale of affection and desire loosen not thy hold. Treasure the companionship of the righteous and eschew all fellowship with the ungodly. Then He uses the verdant, growth-oriented metaphor of the garden to remind us that religion and spirituality are based on love, which evokes for me the compassion of The Buddha, and the ever-present message of agapic love from The Christ. The nightingale passionately desires to be united with its great love, the roses of the garden.

Wherefore, do thou love Me, that I may name thy name and fill thy soul with the spirit of In the garden of thy heart plant naught but the rose of love.

Welcome to our Community!

Awake ye muses nine, sing me a strain divine,. Unwind the solemn twine, and tie my Valentine! Oh the Earth was made for lovers, for damsel, and hopeless swain,. For sighing, and gentle whispering, and unity made of twain. All things do go a courting, in earth, or sea, or air,. God hath made nothing single but thee in His world so fair! The bride, and then the bridegroom, the two, and then the one,. Adam, and Eve, his consort, the moon, and then the sun;. The life doth prove the precept, who obey shall happy be,. Who will not serve the sovereign, be hanged on fatal tree.

In the garden of thy heart plant naught but love shirt

Main Ancient Medieval Modern. The name "Hafiz" means "strong-memoried," and was given as a phrase of honor to the poet when, as a young boy, he recited the entire Qur'an by heart. He was born at Shiraz, in southern Persia, in , and died there inHafiz was one of the world's greatest masters of lyric verse. Both he and Jami are Sufis, but in a very different mood.

Search This Site:. Left blooming alone;.

Fabric painting-Rose

While an acoustic guitar strummed softly in the background, a multicultural gathering bowed their heads and took turns walking to the front of the room. They quoted from the Bible, the Koran, Hindu writings and the Torah. They sang old Negro spirituals and prayed in English and several other languages, including a lyrical chant in Farsi, the language of Iran. But at the worship center, there are no deities, no steeple, symbols or stained glass windows. A sign on the manicured front lawn is the only clue that the gray stucco house is spiritual home to a small but growing Baha'i community.


Where there is righteousness in the heart, there is harmony in the house; when there is harmony in the house, there is order in the nation; when there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world. Where there is righteousness in the heart, there is beauty in the character. When there is beauty in the character, there is harmony in the home. When there is harmony in the home, there is order in the nation. When there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world. The mystic cords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone, all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the angels of our nature. Repeal the Missouri Compromise - repeal all compromises - repeal the Declaration of Independence - repeal all past history, you still cannot repeal human nature.

O FRIEND! In the garden of thy heart plant naught but the rose of love, and from the nightingale of affection and desire loosen not thy hold. Treasure the.

CBC Kids | Play Games, Watch Video, Explore

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In the garden of thy heart plant naught but the rose of love

List of top famous quotes and sayings about baha'i to read and share with friends on your Facebook, Twitter, blogs. All Rights Reserved. Arts crafts and sciences uplift the world of being and are conducive to its exaltation.Knowledge is as wings to man's life and a ladder for his ascent. Its acquisition is incumbent upon everyone.

No wonder the rose is named the king of flowers.

In this uncertain time, children might be hearing a lot of conflicting information about Coronavirus COVID19 and be confused about the new realities they are being faced with. Some of the changes and feelings associated with these changes can be very hard to understand and explain. Last week, I started creating an activity book with the aim of helping myself and other parents navigate the information and concepts that are important to share with children around the health crisis facing the world right now. Using the illustrations of a friend, Kertu Kelem, the result was a page colouring book with some reflection questions that would hopefully offer a calm and rational approach to the situation. There was collaborative editing, discussions about wording, consideration of cultural appropriateness, and so much more. I am deeply grateful to these mothers from Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA, Canada, and China who took time out of their busy lives, especially at such a confronting time for many of us, to give feedback and contribute to making this resource better for all of us.

It was revealed partly in Arabic and partly in Persian. He also said that The Hidden Words is "a treasury of divine mysteries" and that when one ponders its contents, "the doors of the mysteries will open. There is a Shi'a Muslim tradition called "Mushaf of Fatimah", which speaks of Fatimah upon the passing of her father, Muhammad.

Watch the video: O Friend! In the Garden of thy Heart - Lesson 3 (August 2022).