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Camellia: flowers galore

Camellia: flowers galore

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Camellia is a beautiful flowering shrub thanks to its attractive blooms in fall, winter or spring.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Camellia
Family : Theacées
Type: Flowering shrub

: 1 to 5 m depending on varieties
Exposure : Sunny, partial shade, shade
Ground : Rather light and well drained

Flowering : November to May, depending on variety -Foliage : Persistent

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Planting camellia

The ideal period of planting camellia takes place at autumn to promote rooting before winter.

We can also plantin spring making sure to water well the first year.

How to plant a camellia:

Camellias are happy with neutral soil but will be more comfortable in a acidic earth. He dreads calcareous soils

  • It tolerates the sun but dreads hot situations. The half shade is the best compromise.
  • Mixture of heather soil, potting soil and garden soil
  • Then water abundantly

Camellia needs regular watering the first year, especially in hot weather.

Cultivation of camellia in pots

Here is a shrub which appreciates the culture in pot or in container on a terrace or a balcony.

Camellia in pot:

It is quite possible and even very suitable. It remains the ideal solution for those who have a terrace or a large balcony and who love camellia.

The potted camellia is afraid of too hot situations and will appreciate a light shade.

Repotting camellia in pots:

Camellia can stay 2 to 3 years in the same pot but will need to be changed regularly to give it room to develop.

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Camellia maintenance

Once properly in place, maintaining the camellia remains limited to a few non-compulsory pruning actions and watering in the event of hot weather.

Watering and fertilizer:

Camellia likes cool, slightly moist and rather acidic soils.

A regular watering but not excessively is recommended, generally from May to August.

You will bring aheather plant fertilizer or special camellia in spring and fall.

Size side:

Camellias do not need to be pruned to flower, but some camellias, especially in pots, will appreciate being pruned.

The correct pruning period is at the end of flowering.

Be careful, the flowering of camellias can take place in autumn, winter or spring depending on the variety.

It is therefore important to know the flowering period to know when to prune the camellia.

Mulching at the foot, why?

Know that a pine bark mulch all year round protects the roots in winter, maintains the soil's humidity and freshness in summer and provides the acidity that camellia needs.

Camellia diseases

Camellia is hardy and resists disease well. It can be prone to attacks from mealybugs or aphids.

Camellia leaves turn yellow or discolour:

It is often a problem of deficiency in the soil and / or too calcareous soil. We call this a chlorosis.

  • It is usually sufficient to resume regular watering and a supply of fertilizer for shrubs or heather plants.

A layer of dust, like soot, on the leaves:

Grayish, brown or brown layer, this problem, which is called sooty mold, is often the consequence of other parasites such as mealybugs where the aphids

All you need to know about camellia

The flowering camellia is known for its generous flowering but also to flower at different times of the year depending on the species.

Native to Asia, it is bushy with alternate, leathery and oval leaves.

There are several hundred species, but the best known is the Japanese Camellia (Camellia Japonica) seen in the photo opposite.

This shrub, ideal as a flowering hedge is also suitable for balconies and terraces, because you can leave in a pot or container throughout their life.

For fall blooming, choose the magnificent camellia sasanqua

Smart tip

Mulching prevents weeds from growing, protects against the cold and nourishes the soil.

Maritime pine bark is excellent for camellia.

Photo credit: © Photocall, Oleksiy Drachenko, The White House

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