Make a cute scarecrow

Make a cute scarecrow

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Keeping birds and other predatory birds away from plants and vegetables is a mission that a scarecrow performs brilliantly. But just because he has to scare them doesn't mean he has to be ugly. Quite the contrary!

Indulge yourself by making a chic and shocking guard for your garden or your balcony. Here is a step by step that should appeal to many. This activity can be done with children of course.

Activity time: 1h30

The equipment you need

  • 5 different colored fabrics (burgundy, sky blue, navy blue, red, orange)
  • Adhesive felt
  • Straw
  • White plastic bag
  • Raffia
  • Rope
  • Thick woolen yarn
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Bamboo rod or broomstick

Step by step

  • Take the fabric that will be used to make the body of your scarecrow. This should measure approximately 1m by 1m. For our part, we chose to do it in sky blue. Fold the fabric in half. You end up with a double-thickness rectangle of 1m by 50cm. Make him arms and legs.
  • Then take the thread and sew arms and legs except the ends.
  • Fold the fabric in half crosswise so that the right arm and right leg match the left arm and left leg. Take the scissors and cut at the fold at the top a "V" neck.
  • Take some straw and fill the body of the scarecrow. Make the straw stick out at each end of the arms and legs and secure it with raffia.
  • Take the fabric that will be used for the head of the scarecrow. This must measure 50 cm by 50 cm. As far as we are concerned, we have opted for orange.
  • Fill a small plastic bag with straw and seal it to make a ball.
  • Place it in the middle of the fabric and close it with raffia. There should be some fabric left on the outside.
  • Cut out of the adhesive felt eyes, eyebrows, a nose and a mouth then install them on the head.

  • Take the bamboo rod (or the broomstick) and push it into your scarecrow's head.
  • Then pass the bamboo stalk through the neckline and crotch of your scarecrow's body. Tie the neck, head and bamboo stem securely with raffia to hold your scarecrow. It can be a bit difficult. Don't hesitate to staple the head and body if you can't hold the whole thing together with the raffia.
  • Then take a fabric, which we have chosen red, to make a bandana that we are going to place around the scarecrow's neck to hide raffia and staples.
  • With the burgundy fabric, we chose to make a scarecrow jacket. To do this, fold your fabric in half and cut a wide strip in the center of one side of the fabric. Install the uncut area on the back of the scarecrow and the two remaining strips on the front. With the rope, tie a knot around the jacket.
  • Finally to finish, the navy blue fabric (50cmx50cm) will be used to make a hat. At each end of the fabric, tie knots that will allow the hat to fit snugly on the scarecrow's head.

He is ready ! You just have to install it wherever you want.

Laetitia Devillars

Photo credits: Laetitia Devillars (photos not free of rights)

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