How to make a kokedama in 3 steps

How to make a kokedama in 3 steps

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Make a kokedamamay seem difficult and technical. However, while it does require a little dexterity and patience, there is nothing insurmountable.

By following our three rules for make a kokedama, this one will have no more secrets for you.

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Step 1: Prepare the earth ball

Creating the ball of earth that will collect your plant is the most delicate step. It is indeed this which will determine the success or not of your project, and especially its aesthetics.

To get the best result, you should:

  • Mixof the Akadama land(80%) with vermiculite(20%) to facilitate drainage.
  • Add gradually the waterto your soil mixture. It should not be too wet, otherwise you will not be able to work on it. If you have ever used too much water, sprinkle a little Akadama soil to restore consistency to your mixture.
  • Make a ball the size you want, while remembering that the foam will create extra thickness.

Step 2: On your marks, get set, plant!

With the ball of earth ready, it's time to move on planting.

To do this, take your plant and take it out of its pot.

Then, gently remove the potting soil around the roots with a stick or stem.

When the roots are practically bare, take your ball of soil between your two hands and separate it into two equal parts.

Place the roots on one half of soil and cover them with the other.

Add more soil around the ball if necessary.

Then, compact it so that the soil covers the roots well and so that the excess water exudes.

Smart tip

If your plant turns out to be too big for your ball, divide it in half to make it more suitable.

Step 3: Apply mousse and tie up

Your kokedamais almost ready. All that remains is to do the part that makes the concept so original: apply the foam and make it hold.

Before being positioned, the foam must be "clean", that is to say free of weeds and any parasites. Once the check has been carried out, place your piece (s) on the ball of earth. To help you, don't hesitate to use sewing pins to secure the foam.

To make the mesh, you can use the thread that suits you best: thick and transparent nylon thread for discretion, waxed string to bring a touch of originality to your kokedama, you have the choice.

To hold the foam in place, take a long length of thread, wrap it around the ball starting from the middle and tie a knot.

Do not cut the thread and create the mesh all around the ball by following the same process.
Once the operation is complete, cut the excess yarn and the fibers of the foam a little long for a prettier look.

Smart tip

So that your kokedama remains aesthetic on all occasions, the choice of foam is very important. The most suitable for our dry interiors is Ctenidium sp. It is a variety that is very drought tolerant and appreciates a sunny to partial shade position.

Kokedama exhibition

Once your work is done, you have several options for display your kokedama :

  • Add a small hook to the net that retains the foam of your kokedama, and hang it for an aerial effect.
  • More classic, flatten the base of your kokedama in order to place it on an original support (saucer, varnished wooden washer, shell, slate, etc.).

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