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Birch: therapeutic virtues and uses

Birch: therapeutic virtues and uses

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What are the therapeutic virtues of birch ? What are hisbenefitson the health ? Which usesdo it to get the most out of it?

His botanical nameof Celtic origin is "Betula ", and the best known species is "paper birch", whose botanical name is "Papyfera".

His ecological role No longer needs to be demonstrated, since it provides shade for neighboring tree and plant species, and prevents soil erosion by weathering.

Still considered a medicinal tree, the peculiarity of birch is in the use of all its parts: leaves, bark, sap, and buds.

Birch: for the record

Cult tree, fetish tree, the birch has countless virtues.

He contributed to the development of the culture of the peoples of North America and Canada.

Long used by Native Americans to protect their food by bringing it into contact with its bark, birch, and others invaluable properties.

Tree flammableand rot-proof, it was essential for lighting a fire after the rains, and served as a lining in shoes to protect against the cold.

In Europe, the birch was a sacred tree which symbolized spring and young girls. Its branches, made in the shape of nuptial torches, were burnt on the wedding day: it was supposed to bring happiness to the bride and groom.

In addition, its diuretic virtuesand purifyingwere already popular in the Middle Ages. In the event of water retention and joint pain, birch was indicated to relieve the sick thanks to its draining virtues.

Birch: benefits and therapeutic virtues

The bark, leaves, sap and buds of the birch have therapeutic virtues. It is enough to know them, to respect the dosages during their use to appreciate the benefits.

Let's explore each of these parts ...

Sheets :

Used for therapeutic purposes, leavesbirch containflavonoidswhich are used to treat all forms ofurinary insufficiency.

Whether against thedropsy, or any other type ofurinary tract infection, the leaves in infusionare an excellent remedy.

Thanks to these same properties, birch leaves facilitate the elimination of uric acid and drainage in case of edema and gout.

They also help to relieve rheumatic attacks and arthritis.

One of their therapeutic virtues is also the preventionof urinary stones. The people obese, those wishing to reduce their cellulitecan also consume it.

In cosmetics, the use of birch leaves to rinse the hair, would limit hair loss and the formation of dandruff. The thin birch leaves, on the other hand, are a remarkable antiseptic dressing for wounds.

The sap:

Harvested in the spring after notching the bark of the birch, the sapis used as depurative and diuretic.

Due to the limited quantities during sampling (1 to 3 liters maximum per day), its consumption is also controlled. he detoxthe body through deep drainage.

Considered a springtime tonic by some people in North America, fresh birch sap has been shown to treat colds on other continents.

At the same time, it is appreciated against Rashesand variousother skin diseases. Mixed with leaves, bark and buds, thesapwould also be an excellent antiseptic.

It is often recommended in the treatment osteoarthritis, arthritis, and as a lotion for chronic skin diseases (eczemas, ... etc).

The bark:

This part of the birch is proven in the treatment of intermittent fevers.

Reduced to powder, thebarkis also used to make a ointmentvery effective against minor injuries.

The buds :

In medicine, we were able to cure engorgementof lymph nodesthanks to the birch buds.

Use of birch for its benefits

1 / Sheets:

  • Prepare a decoctionof leaves by putting in 1 liter of hot water, 40g of leaves.

Let infusefor 10 min, then add 1g of baking soda. Filterand drink it 3 cups a day.

  • For a external use,the fresh leaves are applied to the skin.

During the rheumatic attacks, have a bed made from fresh leavesheated in the oven, then spread out on your bed. Cover everything with a cotton sheet before lying down: it's an unparalleled relaxer!

2 / Sap:

  • Take a little glassbirch sap before each meal. This helps relieve your arthritis, arthritis, gout, and edema. You will appreciate the results of this real priestof detoxification.

A decoction of birch sap can also be consumed with an empty stomach while2 or weeks.
>> 1 glass in the morning is enough.

  • Applythe sap in lotionon eczema, scalp, for relievethe itchingand treat the skin diseases.

3 / Buds:

To prepare the decoctionbuds:

  • Throw away 150gof buds in a liter of water.
  • Carryall at boiling until halved.
  • Pass through a filter and let cool. Add ensiite, 1g of baking soda.
  • To drink 2 to 3 cupsper day.

4 / Bark:

  • For useto track internalbark, take care of reducefirst the bark in powder. Measure out 1 teaspoon per cup of water and bring it to a boil for about ten minutes.

For a useto track external, put 40g to 50g of bark in a liter of water and boil everything.

For more information, ask adviceto your doctor.

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