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Lady's mantle, the grass of women!

Lady's mantle, the grass of women!

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Lady's mantle, also known as Women's Grass, is a pretty summer flowering perennial.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Alchemilla
Family: Rosaceae
Type: Perennial

Height: 10 to 50 cm
Exhibition: Partial shade, sunny
Ground : Rather cool

Foliage: Lapsed -Flowering: May to September

Easy to grow, it is its foliage that is especially very interesting, especially for its medicinal and aromatic properties!

  • Discover the benefits and virtues of lady's mantle for health
  • Alchemilla mollis: a versatile perennial

Planting lady's mantle

Planting lady's mantle can be done either in spring or in autumn, but always outside of periods of frost or strong heat.

  • Lady's mantle thrives in any type of soil but prefers them rather cool.
  • She appreciates the sun but tolerates partial shade very well.

Lady's mantle is hardy and, once properly established, it should not suffer from freezing in winter. It is possible that it will lose its leaves in winter, but they should regrow in the spring.

  • For this, a simple mulching at the foot of the plant will suffice.
  • Multiply by dividing the clump at the end of winter.

Pruning, care of lady's mantle

easy to maintain throughout the year, lady's mantle does not pose any particular cultivation problem.

  • No pruning is necessary.
    If your plant is growing very quickly, it may be useful to prune in the fall.
  • Remove faded flowers as you go to help the fall come back.
    It also prevents the plant from reseeding itself and becoming invasive.

To know about the lady's mantle

Alchemilla, which is also called "the herb for women" for the many virtues attributed to it for the health of ladies, was in the Middle Ages an essential component in many potions, each more "magical". than the others !

As beautiful in flower as outside, it is a plant that is very suitable for borders but also for perennial beds.

As main varieties, we find Alchemilla molllis and Alchemilla erythropoda.

Discovered in 1570 by Andrés Laguna de Segovia, a Spanish botanist, Alchemilla is used as a powder mixed with red wine to treat wounds. It is also recommended as an infusion to treat cracks, fractures in infants and even young children.

  • Discover the benefits and virtues of lady's mantle for health

Use of lady's mantle

Lady's mantle is recognized for its many health benefits and virtues.

  • Skin lotion: You can boil 50 g of the dry plant for 1 liter of water for a skin lotion.
    This potion especially calms small inflammations, acne or even benign scars.
  • Infusion: the dry plant can also be used as an infusion for painful periods or circulation problems.
  • Aromatic plant : The finely cut Lady's mantle goes very well with salads.
  • Discover the benefits and virtues of lady's mantle for health

Smart tip about lady's mantle

To dry the plant, it must be hung in a bouquet in a ventilated room.

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