My dog ​​barks all the time: the solutions

My dog ​​barks all the time: the solutions

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The untimely barking of the dog puts a strain on the nerves and often leads to neighborhood problems.

But why is the dog barking?

And what are the solutions to reduce his vocalizations? Explanations and practical advice.

The dog barks to communicate

To make himself understood, the dog adopts different postures, emits smells, urinates to leave information and barks. This is normal and innate behavior.

Depending on the environment, the situation and the breed of the dog, the nature of his vocalizations will be different.

  • Barkto signal a presence or attract your attention.
  • Moaning and crying to express pain, worry or impatience.
  • Howl in the absence of the owner or in imminent danger.

How to reduce barking?

In general, reducing or extinguishing barking requires educationfrom the youngest age.

The choice of the breeder is essential. A properly socialized puppywill be less fearful and better in his paws. He will bark wisely, not for a yes or a no.

Determine the triggers:

  • The game.
  • To alert.
  • Welcome or make contact.
  • Defend your territory. Threaten.
  • Get attention or a result.
  • Anxiety (to read :separation anxiety in dogs).
  • Pain, illness.
  • Loss of reference in the elderly dog

When you have determined the situation of the onset of barkingit will take recondition your dog.

Training the dog to reduce barking:

If your dog barks to alert, defend his territory or threaten, teach himreminder is essential to create a diversion.

Remind yourself by adding "Stop! Hush! " or not ! »Followed by his namefirmly. Offer him a treat if he obeys.The dog will understand that when he stops barking and comes back to you, he is rewarded. Exercise with him.

  • For example, ask someone in your household to press the push button on the doorbell. If your dog barks, apply "the Hush! Followed by the treat.Little by little, the dog will get used to and lose interest in the sound of the doorbell.

If your dog barks to get attention (to get out, etc.), it is necessaryignore it.

  • By responding to his request, he will realize he has to bark to get your attention.
  • If you do crack after 10 minutes, he will think he needs to bark a long time very loudly to get you to react.

If your dog barks to greet you, ignore it.When you receive guests, confine it in a room.Bring it back when everyone is seated.

Dog barking continuously

  • Out of anxiety when their masters are away.
  • In the case of hyper activity.
  • In older dogs who lose their bearings and become senile.

These particular problems should be the subject of a consultation with the veterinarian.He may prescribe anti-depressants (or pheromone-based device) in the anxious subject or drugs to ventilate the brain of the elderly subject.

Consulting a behaviorist is strongly recommended.

The anti bark and education collar

Anti bark collars should be avoided:

They are ethically questionable, and injure the dog's skin by repeatedly triggering electric shocks.

Education necklaces are interesting:

  • Necklace that sends a jet of citronella:

Particularly unpleasant for the dog, the smell surprises them and stops the barking. It is triggered automatically and recharges.

  • Necklace that emits a noise or vibration:

Painless for the dog, it is triggered by the master with a remote control when the bark is deemed inappropriate.

There are models that are triggered automatically. They are rechargeable.

Smart advice

Period of unemployment, sick leave or coronavirus containmentare all situations which keep both master and dog alive. When resuming activity, the dog may manifest his anxiety by barking loudly and inadvertently. We talk about hyper attachment.

It is recommended during all these periods to isolate the dog alone and without solicitation in a room for one or two hours a day to get him used to being alone.


“A single dog that barks makes more noise than a hundred dogs that are silent. "

Tibetan proverb


Credit: Wavetop

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