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Althéa: an air of hibiscus in the garden

Althéa: an air of hibiscus in the garden

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Althea, also known as hibiscus or tree mallow, is a very ornamental shrub.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Hibiscus syriacus
Family : Malvaceae
Type : Shrub

: 1 to 4 m
Exposure : Sunny and partial shade

Foliage : Expired -Flowering : June to November

Maintenance, from planting to flowering, watering and pruning, is easy and will give beautiful blooms to your altheas.

Planting althea

Whether in a pot on a balcony or terrace, or in soil in the garden, althea deserves the greatest care when planting to ensure it growth and beautiful flowering.

Althea in a pot:

Throughout the year, the shrub must be planted in a special soil for flowering plants, planting or universal.

  • Althea needs a pot large enough to grow with the seasons.
  • It bed of gravel or clay balls at the bottom of the pot will facilitate good drainage and so that the roots do not stagnate in the water.
  • The pot must be drilled at the bottom.
  • Repotting in the spring and every 2-3 years at most in a pot of slightly larger diameter.

Althea in earth:

Prefer a plantation in autumn, or in spring whether the shrub is sold in a pot or container.

  • Prefer a place sheltered from the wind and especially sunny.
  • Regular watering the first year after planting is important for althea.
  • Follow our advice planting shrubs.

Althea cutting:

Cuttings is easy to achieve in spring with althea.

You can also simply put stems pruned in spring directly into a vase of water and plant them as soon as a few roots appear.

Altea size

The size of the altera takes place preferably at start
of spring
, towards February March, so as not to compromise the summer flowering.

Althea blooms on the shoots of the current year, which also allows you to prune your althea each year.

However, avoid pruning too late in the season, as this may affect flowering.

  • Remove any twigs that grow inward to restore light to the shrub.
  • Cut off the remaining stems about 2/3, just above an outward-facing bud.

Things to know about the althea

Althea, also known as Tree mallow, is certainly one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs for a garden but also for a terrace or a balcony.

Although this shrub prefers heat, some species like thehibiscus syriacus adapt perfectly to more temperate climates.

The many species it contains are so many colors and shapes, each more beautiful than the next.

In hedges, in clumps or isolated, the althea will delight you with the beauty of its flowers.

Flowering is also generous and is constantly renewed from July to October and November when the climate remains mild.

Smart tip about althea

A winter cover is recommended from November if you are afraid of frost!

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