Plants for every room

Plants for every room

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A breath of fresh air and greenery, plants are essential at home.

Adapted to the specifics of each room, they can be installed anywhere, from the bedroom to the bathroom ...

In the living room

This is the room where anything goes, especially if it is large and bright.

Do not hesitate to install large plants there that can flourish as they please, like the classics yucca, areca, dracanea and kentia whose silhouettes are reminiscent of island palm trees: something to escape from on your sofa ...

In the same idea, adopt a nolina, or "Elephant's foot", a funny tree with a swollen foot topped by a cap of drooping leaves that can reach 2 meters when ripe!

Don't hesitate to group your plants together in one place to create a lush "bubble".

In the bedroom

Usually smaller and darker, the bedroom is often a relatively cool room with a constant temperature.

Install one or two smaller, flowering plants to add color to the nightstand or dresser. Avoid fragrant flowers that could disturb your sleep.

The elegant phalaenopsis orchid is ideal, just like the indoor cyclamen, the spathiphyllum (moon flower), the saintpaulia

Place them away from drafts and heating

In the kitchen and the bathroom

Humid and changing temperatures, kitchens and bathrooms can also get their dose of greenery, as long as you choose hardy, tropical plants, like theanthurium with beautiful red flowers, the ferns (asplenium, nephrolepsis, etc.), the Lucky bamboo, the christmas cactus… The papyrus, originally from the banks of the Nile, is known to appreciate the humidity in bathrooms, if they are bright enough.

Also think of the cacti and the amazing carnivorous plants that delight children. For example, combine several gymnocalycium, these small cacti with red, yellow or orange flowers, to add color to your decor!

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