Fruit trees

Fruit trees for small gardens and terraces

Fruit trees for small gardens and terraces

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The small fruit tree is ideal for adults but also for balconies, small gardens and terraces, whether in the city or in the countryside.

Often very productive and easy to maintain, the small fruit tree solution is ideal for balconies and small gardens when it is impossible to cultivate the large fruit trees of the traditional orchard.

Here is a selection offruit trees to pick and to be enjoyed throughout the summer and often into the fall.

Strawberry plant :

Strawberries are undoubtedly one of everyone's favorite berries, because strawberries delight us with their incomparable flavor.

Easy to maintain and offering a harvest that can spread from May to October depending on the variety, here is a good idea for planting.

In pots or in the ground, in the garden or on the terrace, it is of course one of the plants that takes up the least space in all categories!

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The gooseberry:

The currant offers wonderful small tangy red berries that we can enjoy both raw and cooked in the form of a pie, for example, but also in the form of wine or sorbet.

Currants, rich in vitamin C, are often abundant and growing currants should not be a problem for you as the maintenance is limited.

Very cold hardy, this fruit shrub can be grown almost anywhere.

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Vine :

The vine is the ideal fruit tree for trellising along a wall, for climbing it on a pergola or a trellis, for example.

Its broad leaves also make it an ideal fruit tree for shade when it covers a pergola.

As far as maintenance is concerned, there is hardly any if it is not a beautiful place in the sun and a size in late winter.

Because the advantage of vines is that they can be pruned at will and will therefore not be invasive, even on a balcony

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The walls :

The mulberry tree is a bramble and if this may put off more than one, know that the pleasure of picking blackberries will make you forget the only small inconvenience of growing blackberries.

The ideal is to train the brambles along stems that you will have previously installed to ensure good growth and good light for all of your fruits.

Finally, blackberries will delight you both when picking and cooked in the form of jam, jellies or for your desserts made with red fruits.

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Blueberry :

Bilberry is a small berry of blue-purplish color even if we group with it the lingonberries whose color is much more red.

Often used in pastry making for cake making, it is also made into delicious jellies and jams.

Considered as a sub-shrub, the blueberry does not exceed 1.5 m in height and is preferably grown in the ground even if container culture is quite possible.

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