Beautiful small garden with fake plants ideas

Beautiful small garden with fake plants ideas

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This post is going to be full of photos, because I think they do most of the work in making a case for a house full of greenery. But like, easy greenery. Ask me how I know. Exhibit A is this herb that will never die on my desk.

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13+ Top Tips to Landscape a Low-Maintenance Garden

If you buy something through our links, we may earn money from our affiliate partners. Learn more. Plants can bring color, texture, and life to an office. There are tons of different varieties, styles, and sizes you can get what will work in nearly any office or home office setting.

This green plastic plant is perfect for placing on a desk. This product comes in sets of three, five, or six. They have realistic details and texture to add some greenery to any desk. The pots are 2. Those looking for a slightly larger plant may opt for this faux fiddle leaf fig. This type of tree is very trendy at the moment. It measures 30 inches tall and comes in a modern white planter with wooden supports.

These fake succulents come in a set of four. Each one is small, measuring about 3 inches in diameter.

They can add a bit of color to your desk. Or you could even arrange them all in one pot or terrarium. If you want to make a real statement with fake plants, this one takes up an entire wall. It could be perfect for those who want to add extra privacy. Measuring 40 by 60 centimeters, it includes various colors and textures. If you want plants to hang around your office, consider this two-piece set. They look like ivy and are made of fabric. Each one also has an iron wire hanger that can attach to your wall or ceiling.

Pampas grass is a trendy and low maintenance option for those who want to add the look of plants to an office. This product includes three stems that are about 3. This silk plant is made to look like a dracaena. The silk even makes it feel real to the touch. The pot can rest on the floor. Or you could even place it in a decorative basket or planter. This set of three fake plants comes in a topiary style. They are in 5-inch white pots. But each plant comes in a different color to bring some variety into the office.

Those who like a tropical style in their office may like this monstera. So it can easily go on the floor and make a statement near your desk. This set of two string of pearl hanging planters mount directly to the wall.

They come in white ceramic planters that suit a modern or eclectic style. And each one is about 4 inches wide. This sansevieria plant measures 7 inches wide and comes in a plain black planter. So it can make a statement on your desk or be placed on a small platform on the floor. This set of three fake plants comes in clear glass containers for a sophisticated look. Each one is made of plastic and the pots measure about 6 inches square. This paradise palm tree rests on the floor and adds a tropical vibe to an office.

This one measures 24 inches tall and it comes in a basket planter for some natural texture. This hanging plant includes just a bundle of leaves so you can customize it with the planter of your choice.

There are various styles available, like pothos, English ivy, and watermelon leaves. This succulent serves as a small desk accent at 4. The planter is the real statement. If you want to add some color to your office space, consider this faux bundle of lavender. The set has twelve pieces that measure about 15 inches long. If you want some colorful flowers in your office, consider this silk hydrangea bouquet. It comes in several colors including blue, purple, yellow, orange, and white.

You can place them in the vase or planter of your choice. For a rustic look, this faux eucalyptus comes in a wooden planter box perfect for a desktop or windowsill. It measures just over 8 inches across and comes in a dusty green color. This set of fake succulents includes a few different plants. It includes blue, purple, and green shades and a variety of textures to complement any desktop.This set of three faux plants can either be set on your desk or hung on a wall.

It comes with a wooden base that can attach to a rope for hanging. The plants are made to mimic the look of eucalyptus and rosemary. This ficus bush is made of silk and plastic to make it look like a real tree. It is four feet tall. And it comes in a rattan basket for a natural look.

This set of three fake succulents comes in rose gold pots. You can set them on a desk and even display special messages. To bring some color and texture to your office or home, consider these plastic bonsai trees.

They come in various colors and plain white pots so they really pop. These topiary shrubs come in a set of four. With green, white, pink, and purple, they allow you to add plenty of color and texture to your desk. And the fake planters are rounded imitation stone. This faux orchid is perfect for those who want flowers at their desk. It includes a white flower with nine LED lights. You need your own containers. But they can sit on your desk or windowsill whether in your home or office.

This potted topiary is made of plastic and comes in a wide array of colors, including green, white, yellow, pink, and purple. The pot is rounded and made of white ceramic. This fake plant imitates a succulent and comes in a ceramic planter shaped like a giraffe.

It measures 8 centimeters across and is perfect for those who want a cute conversation piece. This tree imitates a westeria flower , including both green and purple leaves. It is 6 feet tall to make a major statement in any office. Fake plants can be tacky, but if you get the best one with the highest quality, they can look just like their real-life counterparts, and last for much longer.

Here are some tips on buying ones that will brighten your office or home every day:. Here are some spots to check out:. Like real plants, fake plants can gather dust. Go over each of the leaves to remove dust. Image: Depositphotos. All rights reserved.

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Artificial Plants & Flowers

Every great room needs a touch of green. And while decorating with houseplants has never been more popular, keeping said houseplants alive and thriving can be challenging, particularly when it comes to moderating natural light inside. Enter the artificial houseplant, also referred to by the euphemism "silk plant" or "faux foliage. And although they do require some cleaning, their leaves never turn yellow or drop; they don't need watering, fertilizing, or optimal sunlight; and they don't ever outgrow their pots.

Do not have green fingers? Faux plants or dried bunches such as eucalyptus are also perfect for bringing lovely leafage into your abode. Even better, both are.

10 Privacy Plants For Screening Your Yard In Style

Gone are the days of gaudy, plastic artificial plants with stiff stems that quickly fade and collect dust. Contemporary artificial plants are sturdy enough to withstand outdoor conditions and resist fading for years. If you lack a green thumb, do not have time to maintain a garden or just want a quick aesthetic upgrade to your lawn, you can purchase UV-protected artificial plants made out of polyethylene blend materials. Plan the landscaping of your yard as if you were going to grow real plants. Draw an aerial map of your land to scale with the dimensions and features of your lawn, advises the University of Florida IFAS Extension. Even if you have a small yard, this helps to plan the placement of your artificial plants. Locate areas where you want to place large fake plants to serve as focal points, screens and anchors to delineate different areas of your lawn.

Plant Decoration In Living Room Spaces: 6 Common Mistakes

If you ask us, a plant-filled home is a happy home. Take a peek and pick up a few stylish design tips below. No need to stick to pots and vases for your indoor plants. Garland greenery is perfect here.

We know that being a plant parent can be hard work. With many of us struggling to keep real plants alive for longer than a month or two guilty!

8 Clever Hacks That Will Make Faux Plants Look Realistic

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Learn More. We are fortunate to work with Architects, Designers, Contractors, and Landscape Professionals on some of the greatest brands in the world.The vivid and natural look of Outdoor Artificial Boxwood Walls successfully camouflages drab metal pipes and plain masonry brick, and also fosters an eco-friendly and inviting atmosphere for tenants and guests to enjoy a day at the pool. By attaching 18 fabricated boxwood wall panels bookended individually with clapboard style boards, Uptown Buckhead Apartments boasts an outdoor oasis befitting its upscale living environment.

Artificial plants & flowers

Are you a big fan of greenery who lives too busy a lifestyle to take care of a gorgeous, high maintenance living plant on a regular basis? Perhaps you work very long hours and will be too distracted to remember to water it regularly. Unfortunately, living plants may not be your best option in these situations. There are, however, still many different types of plants you can decorate your space with and enjoy! Check out these 15 great DIY faux plant ideas that will live forever- even if you forget to water them! Craftberry Bush shows you how to cut, fold, and form these adorable little paper succulents that will last you even longer than real, hardy little succulents!

Indoor gardening is still enjoying a surge in popularity, fed by Instagram's greenery-inspired interior designs, plant-based podcasts.

We make it easy to green your space.

Sharing tips and tricks to using artificial flowers and plants in outdoor plants to create stunning low maintenance displays. Also, the best UV protected faux flowers to use outdoors. And I think I have figured out what my problem is.

Fake Plant Decor Ideas

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It might just mean that you need to be more creative and make the most of every square foot to get the best out of your garden. Living walls will, in fact, add interest to any garden, regardless of size. However, they are especially effective in small gardens. Living walls are built using modular panels or pots that are fixed to suitable walls and fence panels. The great thing about living walls is they take up barely any space at all and are sure to add colour to any garden. You can make it virtually zero maintenance, too, by adding an automatic watering system.

All you have to do is give them a regular wipe with a damp cloth to keep them dust-free.

How to Protect Artificial Plants Outside

This is a general rule which applies to many things in life, interior design included. With so many choices to make in terms of style and space, it takes most people quite a while to master the art of interior landscaping in a clever and deliberate way. Why not just take a shortcut then? Have a look at our guide below — first, we will learn why plants are an important part of room decor, and then run through how to avoid rookie mistakes in interior design and get a better feel for what it takes to please the eye of every visitor, as well as your own eye, with a well-arranged room with plants. Our life has become really busy and full of stress, but there are simple ways you can make your home a healthier place.

These 8 tips for styling faux plants will have you thinking like an indoor gardener while decorating your home with the calming effect of indoor greenery. Can we all agree that faux plants are A-Okay in home decor? Nevertheless, there are some decorating tips that can help make fake plants blend in with your home decor, naturally.


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