Pastel garden hummingbird flowers

Pastel garden hummingbird flowers

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Pastel garden hummingbird flowers

I had one of those beauties this past weekend and I wanted to share it with you!

To view the scene you first have to figure out what it is about. Well, it’s hummingbirds and it’s an Acacia at the yard of my parent’s house in southern California. The hummingbirds have managed to acquire this Acacia and have made this an important location for them. It is near a nearby reservoir and the whole place is dotted with hummingbird flowers.

It’s also pretty close to where my brother lives. It seems a little strange to have an Acacia near the house of my brother, but maybe he just didn’t know about it? As with all of the photographs I’ve taken this past year, it has to do with timing. The tree was in full bloom last weekend when I walked through it. I remembered seeing it and taking a photo of it, but when I went to photograph it in a few days it had already returned to a couple of flowers that looked like it was still in full bloom.

I waited another day or two until the acacia was full of flowers and there was some hummingbird activity, as if they knew it was right around the corner when I would come to photograph it. It was in full bloom when I photographed it. As it got further away from the tree, the flowers got smaller.

Hummingbird Acacia – Changing Pattern

I haven’t seen this acacia for some time, as it was surrounded by a fence. But one day this summer I happened to be walking through the garden and found it. Now the acacia is back on my parent’s property and in the right place. The hummingbird flowers are still plentiful, but the flowers on this tree are changing into the fall colors, such as red and yellow. The pictures are worth a look.

Hummingbird Flowers

Have you ever seen flowers with such vivid colors, such as the show off in the second picture? These are hummingbird flowers and they are blooming in the yard of my parent’s house in southern California. The hummingbird flowers are right in the yard in front of my brother’s house. They can also be seen in the photos above. They are full of color, so when I took these photos I had to use a lot of red and green filters.

There are hummingbird flowers all over the place in California, but this is my favorite so far.

Beetles and Hummingbirds

The hummingbirds have a lot of presence in this area, especially in the blooming areas around the reservoir. They seem to have a few extra reasons for liking this area, since they are also drawn to the nectar of the various flowers, including the Borage that I’ve been taking photos of the past few months.

Beetle Flower

The hummingbirds also love the Borage as a food source. But how did I get the red hat in the bottom left of the second picture? That s the question of the day. I ve looked at it as the bee, which is the expected angle, but maybe it s the butterfly. I ll try to think of a better answer next time, but it could be.

Late on a Spring Night

It’s past 8:00 PM on a Spring night in Southern California and the air is warm, but not hot. The hummingbirds seem to be enjoying this special weather, since they are waking up and flying all over the place. They are also flitting from one hummers to another in an effort to see who gets the best flowers first.

They are searching for a good feed source.

A Loud Hummersnake

When I look out the window in the back of the house and see the hummingbirds flying around the yard, I assume they are hummingbirds, but my parents aren’t going to be thrilled with me when I tell them that a hummingbirdsnake is living in the house. I guess it must be making a good meal, though. It just goes to show you, if you want to photograph hummingbirds, just be sure you take into account when you need to put away your camera and sleep!

You just might hear a hummersnake this evening. I hope the snakes keep eating.

Evening Hummers

It’s night time in southern California, but not too late. There are a lot of hummingbirds about and I decided to get out my camera and take some pictures. I just happened to notice that the hummingbirds were feeding on a Borage flower that my brother has in the yard. It was only after a few pictures were taken that I noticed that there was a small snake in the back of the yard.

Since I was photographing hummingbirds, I thought the snake